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simple and elegant

With autumn in full swing, the weather is getting colder. Hot chocolate, cinnamon, baked apples and piping hot soup come to mind when you’re searching for autumn flavour and winter comfort.

One of our happy couples this past weekend wanted their wedding cake to look simple, elegant and remind them a little bit of the past summer while tasting of rich fall flavours.

This three tiered wedding cake consisted of rich white chocolate Sachertorte throughout all layers, as well as brandy chocolate ganache in the bottom and top tier, and a raspberry ganache in the middle tier. The cakes were frosted in buttercream, but were then sprayed with a mixture of cocoa butter and white chocolate  using a compressed airbrush machine. This particular technique is called pistole, and gives cakes that velvety finish you see in the photos. Fresh rasbperries were placed around the base of each tier for a splash of colour and freshness, and to tie it all together.

white chocolate envelopes raspberries sitting atop the cake

ring around the rosie....

the finished masterpiece!


The second couple wanted a cake with the same pistole finish, but as you can see, the end result couldn’t have been more different. White chocolate flower sculptures accentuated the cake, the dark chocolate swan¬†silhouette was a simple yet elegant choice as a cake topper, and the dragees gave it a very whimsical look.

white chocolate flowers, spray painted with the tiniest bit of pink

silver dragees, chocolate decorations and that velvety finish give this cake a whimsical princess-y feel

the cake stand that the bride chose was perfect for their cake

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Using fresh, seasonal flowers to decorate a wedding cake has always been a very popular choice. The results are stunning and beautiful, and can tie in with the bouquets and boutonnieres of the wedding party.

At La Bamboche, we work closely with our organic flower supplier to provide the freshest flowers for our cakes.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

The flowers used for the cake should be organic and free of pesticides – flower stems should also be held in food safe plastic tubes, with the tubes going into the cake, not the stems.

Some flowers are just not meant for decoration: calla lilly, tulip, hyacinth, hydrangea, pink carnation, daffodil, lily of the valley and iris. For a more extensive list, check it out here.

Not to worry, though. There are plenty of safe flowers for your cake: rose, orchid, petunia, daisy, tiger lilly, violet, sunflower, freesia.

And of course, there are edible flowers, too: chamomile, chrysanthemum, dandelion, gardenia, jasmine, lavender, marigold and pansy.

For this cake, the bride wanted the cake to be the canvas, and the flowers to be the paint. The muted pink fondant really showcases the vivid colours of the flowers, and standing at 4 feet tall, this was an amazing centre piece.



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There are cakes. And then there are macaron trees. If you can’t decide between those two, then why not combine both macarons and a traditional cake to create a beautiful and unique wedding cake?

That is exactly what this bride thought for her wedding: she wanted a three tiered wedding cake, and added mini macarons for decoration, crunch and added flavour. The base tier combines green tea and passionfruit, the middle tier is pistachio and raspberry flavoured, and the top tier is made up of cassis and yuzu. Pistachio and lavender macarons are the icing on the cake.

macarons add elegance

a very muted paisley design adds depth and detail without overpowering the design of the cake

pastillage roses add a splash of colour

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