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lovely summer wedding

Check out the gorgeous photography by Claudia Hung of Domico’s and Ray’s wedding, as featured on the beautiful wedding blog stylemepretty.com. The lovely couple were wed this past summer, and we were lucky enough to be included in their amazing wedding. Instead of one big wedding cake, they opted for two simple and ethereal strawberry shortcakes as well as an assortment of mini desserts.

Here’s a quick taste of their wedding. For more details about the wedding planning journey of Domico & Ray, click here

Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!

strawberry shortcake wedding cakes - so very whimsical

the most adorable cake toppers

from left to right: green tea sesame, cassis early grey & fruit tarts with almond cream

at the very front: chocolate tarts, passionfruit opera & pistachio baked cheesecake; on the right: green tea sesame, milk & dark chocolate mousse & cassis earl grey

espresso macarons


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five times the fun

You know what’s better than having a wedding cake?

Having multiple wedding cakes!

Imagine a plethora of tarts and pies, and of course, cakes, scattered on various cake stands and platters. Varying heights, various shapes and sizes, and you are able to design your colour scheme accordingly. More and more couples choose to offer more variety to their guests through a sprawled out and colourful dessert table.

Our couple this past weekend decided on cakes that were a bit more festive, as the holiday season is fast approaching. Their dessert table consisted of several tarts, macarons in a dozen different flavours, madeleines, meringues and five different types of holiday cakes.

This lemon meringue cake consisted of frangipane sable, chocolate biscuit, lime curd and caramelized meringue.

The cassis chocolate cake is made of soft layers of chocolate and cassis ganache, cassis buttercream and almond joconde.

Chocolate decadence says it all about the next cake: layers of chocolate biscuit, dark chocolate mousse and a 72% Venezuelan chocolate ganache.

This green tea sesame cake is constructed from a layer of chocolate biscuit topped with sesame mousse, matcha ganache and a green tea white chocolate glaçage. 

And last, but certainly not least, the cranberry chestnut was probably the most festive and visually stunning. Raspberry mousse sits atop a vanilla madeleines base, alongside chestnut cream and infused raspberries.

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